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Why should I feed a dry dog food to my dog?

A balanced and nutritious diet is a must to keep your pet healthy and tail-wagging happy at all times. Every meal must contain the accurate amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in precise proportions to provide a nutritionally complete diet. As much as we love home-cooked meals they are not enough or meant to meet your furry friends’ nutritional requirements.


Just Love™. Our pet foods not only guarantee nutritional adequacy, quality and safety but also save you the time and effort necessary to prepare a balanced diet for your pet. All you need to do is choose the right pet food product based on your dog’s life stage and lifestyle and feed the recommended quantity.


Country of origin?



What is the major ingredient?

Chicken & Turkey with Rice


Is it gluten free?



Are dogs allergic to cereals and do they cause any health issues to them?

Although uncommon, certain pets can be intolerant or allergic to a particular cereal. It is not correct to generalize any one cereal to be inherently bad, as different dogs are sensitive to different cereals. E.g., While majority of the population has no issues with eating wheat in the form of bread, a small percentage of dogs are intolerant to wheat gluten.


If your pet has been identified as being intolerant/allergic by a vet, exclude only specified ingredients from his diet.


Can I feed my dogs carbohydrates?

Scientific studies show that different carbohydrates (sugars) are tolerated well by pets and are not linked to risk of disease. All our formulations are prepared according to the recognized nutritional guidelines of the AAFCO and NRC nutritional guidelines for cats and dogs which specify that all the nutrients required by the pets. Our extensive digestibility-tracking programs show that all our products that contain carbohydrates are highly digestible.


What are the nutritional facts?

Nutrients JL Mini & Small Puppy JL Medium & Maxi Puppy JL Mini & Small Adult JL Medium & Maxi Adult
Protein 30% 29% 26% 25%
Fat 19% 15% 15% 16%
Fiber 3% 4.7% 3.2% 3.3%
Metabolic Energy 4094 (Kcal/kg) 3777 (Kcal/kg) 3917 (kcal/kg) 3945 (kcal/kg)


How do I feed Just Love to my puppy for the first 3 months?

Mix the kibbles with hot water and let it soak for 10-15 mins and then mash the food and let your puppy consume it.


When should I switch my Just Love puppy to Just Love ‘Adult’ food?

We know you never want your pets to grow into adults but they do and turn into gorgeous dogs. Larger breeds take longer than smaller breeds to grow and mature into adults. Here’s a chart that can help you identify the right time to make your switch to adult food


Mini Breeds: 7-9 months

Small-sized Breeds: 9-12 months

Medium-sized Breeds: 14-18 months

Maxi Breeds: 18-24 months


What are the general feeding guidelines?

Weight Approx. Feeding Guidelines
Puppy Starting 30-35 g/kg/day
Less than 2kg 25 g/kg/day
2-5kg 20 g/kg/day
5-7kg 18 g/kg/day
7-10kg 15 g/kg/day
Up to 30kg 12 g/kg/day
Above 50kg 10 g/kg/day


For exact quantity please refer the feeding guidelines on the respective packs.


What should I do if my dog does not drink his water?

While most dogs drink water spontaneously after eating dry pet foods, they may also get their water requirement through other means or liquids. In case he is not having enough, try playing with him, changing his bowl and make sure that fresh clean water is always available for your pet to drink whenever he wants. Adult dogs generally require about 40 to 60 ml per kg bodyweight per day.


How do I introduce Just Love to my pet?

Any change in diet must always be done gradually to avoid possibility of indigestion. Just Love pet food is also best introduced over a period of 5-7 days. We suggest the below proportions


  • 25% of your new diet + 75% of your pet’s old diet for 2-3 days
  • 50% of new diet + 50% of old diet from day 4 to day 6
  • 75% of new diet + 25% of old diet from day 7 to day 9
  • 100% new diet from day 10 onwards



How many times per day should I feed my dog?

Feed your furry pals as per their age as the dietary requirements vary accordingly.


Young puppies up to 3 months of age require at least 4 meals per day.

Young adults of 3 to 5 months age need 3 meals per day

Adult dogs must be fed twice daily


P.S. Adult dogs may be provided with 1 meal a day; however, many people enjoy feeding their dog twice.


Shape of the kibble?



What is the color of the kibble?

Just Love dog food does not contain any artificial coloring. The kibbles naturally have a brown color.


How should I store the Just Love food?

Just Love food should be stored in their original bags and resealed between feeding. All bags include a re-sealable Velcro.


How long will Just Love food remain fresh after opening?

Just Love food’s palatability and freshness remains the same for 1 month after opening however if stored properly with the Velcro closed then it will be fine for two months. Store in a cool and dry place always.


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